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Nursing Home Around LynnfieldOur Twin Oaks Rehab and Nursing location in Lynnfield is an all-purpose recovery environment that not only takes care of your physical recovery but supports you in regaining your lifestyle and independence to be able to get back to your life and live it fully.

Have you had an accident, or are you recovering from an illness?

We are here to support you via our extensive rehab services that support you on your journey to recovery. Getting you back to as full health as possible is our goal, and when you reside with us at our

Twin Oaks nursing home in Lynnfield, you can rest assured that we have taken care of everything for you. While you focus on your recovery, we offer full housekeeping and laundry service in well-appointed accommodations that offer free cable, wifi, and TVs to allow you to feel more at home during your stay with us.

Find Nursing Home in Lynnfield

When you tour Twin Oaks in Lynnfield, you will be able to get a feel for what we have to offer.

Spacious lounges and family rooms provide you a space to relax with visitors or other residents; we have an on-site chapel and patio and garden not allowing you to get outdoors and marvel at the beauty of your surroundings. It further supports your recovery.

You can take advantage of our stimulating recreational activities and pamper yourself in our on-site salon. All while you benefit from the best care and attention that enables you to recover in a supportive environment.

We offer an extensive range of physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy to assist your recovery program. Each program is put together and designed based on your specific and individual needs. Our fully experienced and trained team will work alongside you to administer the best therapies possible on our ultra-modern facility that boasts only the best technology and equipment.

When creating a personalized therapy schedule, we aim to retain as much function and ability possible. We want to support your ongoing independence, and when we undertake your nursing care and rehab, this is our end goal.

Your optimal recovery is dependent on your happiness, and being able to be supported by family and friends is something we are passionate about and will be available to you while at Twin Oaks.

We take care of everything so all you have to do is focus on your recovery.

Take A Tour at Twin Oaks Lynnfield

Contact us today to learn more about securing your pace at Twin Oaks and what you can expect from your treatment and living arrangement when with us.

Our friendly and welcoming environment is ideal for your recovery, and we can take over your caregiving needs offering a full meal service, 24/7 nursing care, and the administration of medicines.

Talk to us about our range of payment options and the duration of your stay with us. We can also facilitate ongoing respite care if required and allow you to make the best choices for your future.

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